办理系统 大纲文件




The company regards the "158" project management system as the methodology of the company's project management system, guides the whole process management of the project, points out the key points and stages of the work of the managers in each position, and provides a clear idea and direction for the control of each link. The system emphasizes the importance of planning and deployment in the early stage and product decoration in the back field. It evades risks through detailed planning and comprehensive analysis, ensures the smooth progress of the project and the interests of relevant parties, and provides customers with complete decorative products and high-quality services with the concept and technology of industrial assembly. According to the progress of construction image and the design of construction organization, six key nodes are set up, which are "prophase", "0", "10", "50", "80", "100". Six target stages are divided: prophase-0 stage, 0-10 stage, 10-50 stage, 50-80 stage, 80-100 stage and 100-prophase stage.